My special interest is nature and environmental research, management, and communication. I'm the founder and owner of the consultancy firm, NatureTank, that conducts research and communication about nature and environmental issues.

I'm also a freelance nature photographer, writer, and author of several books and reports, including the widely ackknowledged photo book, Greenlandic Seasons.

From 2016 to 2018, I was the Programme Manager for Forest and Biodiversity at WWF Denmark, coordinating the organisation's research and communication efforts on biodiversity, forest management, and endangered species.

Before joining WWF Denmark, I was the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Worldwatch Institute's European office in Copenhagen. My main tasks were to manage the organisation and coordinate projects and activities around issues of circular economy, urban sustainability and biodiversity.

Before joining Worldwatch in 2010, I was a Senior Advisor and Researcher for seven years at the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) at Aarhus University, Denmark. I'm also the former chairman of the Danish Ecological Council and a former elected member of the Copenhagen City Council.

I hold an MSc in Chemical Engineering from Denmark’s Technical University and a PhD in Microbial Ecology from NERI. Over the years, I have led and participated in a number of national and European research projects on environment, biodiversity and sustainability issues.



2015 - present: Consultant, writer and nature photographer

  • Founder and owner of NatureTank ("NaturTanken"), a consultancy firm specialised in nature and environmental research and communication
  • Author of the photo book, Greenlandic Seasons (2016) and the Guide to the Arctic Circle Trail (2018)
  • Founder of Nature and Environment Publishers (“Forlaget Natur & Miljø”)

2016 - 2018: Programme Manager, World Wide Fund for Nature / WWF Denmark

  • Coordinating work on forest, biodiversity and endangered species

2010 - 2015: Executive Director, Worldwatch Institute Europe

  • Co-founder of Worldwatch Institute Europe in November 2010
  • Manager for 5-6 employees and 10-15 volunteers
  • Manager/co-manager of projects on circular economy, biodiversity and urban sustainability
  • Member of the Board of Directors at Worldwatch Institute (U.S.)

2010 - 2014: Chairman of the Board, The Danish Ecological Council

  • Chairman of the Board and spokesperson for the Council
  • Manager of the Future Farming project (www.fremtidenslandbrug.dk)
  • Special interest in agriculture, biodiversity, nature, and environmental policy

2006 - 2013: Member of the City Council of Copenhagen

  • Elected member of the Copenhagen City Council for the Danish Social-Liberal Party ("Radikale Venstre") from 2011 to 2013 and substitute member from 2006 to 2010
  • Member of and spokesperson for the Technical and Environmental Committee of the City Council (2011-2013)

2004 - 2010: Senior Advisor/Researcher at Aarhus University

  • Senior Advisor, PhD at Dep. of Policy Analysis, National Environmental Research Institute (now: Dep. of Environmental Science), Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Manager and Editor of Denmark’s State of the Environment Reporting
  • Manager of and participant in European and Nordic research projects on biodiversity, sustainable development and indicator frameworks (NordBio2010, ALTER-Net, LINABY among others)
  • Consultant to the European Environment Agency (EEA) in developing European State of the Environment reporting and a web portal about air pollution
  • Advisor to the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Danish Environment Ministry on biodiversity, indicator frameworks, climate change and other environmental issues
  • Specialist in integrated analysis and environmental indicator frameworks

2001 - 2005: Editor in Chief of Global Ecology

  • Editor and producer of five yearly issues of the leading Danish environmental magazine, Global Ecology ("Global Økologi")

1999 - 2003: Campaigner at NOAH - Friends of the Earth Denmark

  • National coordinator and researcher for Friends of the Earth’s European campaigns on genetic engineering and sustainable agriculture



2004 - 2005: Master Course in Rhetoric and Communication, Aarhus University

1997 - 2000: PhD in Microbial Ecology

  • PhD in Microbial Ecology from the National Environmental Research Institute at Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen (formerly "Kongelige Veterinær- og Landbohøjskole")
  • Microbiology; Biodiversity; Agro-biodiversity; Use of microbial agents in farming practices; Genetically modified microorganisms; Laser scanning microscopy and other microscopy techniques; Impact on nature and biodiversity
  • Guest scientist at Aberdeen University, Scotland (1999)

1990 - 1996: MSc in Chemical Engineering, The Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

  • Chemistry; Biotechnology; Environmental science; Statistics; Mathematics
  • Biotechnology courses at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (1995)

1990 - 1991: Undergraduate Student, LaGrange College, Georgia, U.S.A.

  • Awarded a one-year Georgia Rotary Student Program scholarship

1988 - 1990: High School Graduate, Vordingborg High School, Denmark



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